Monday, November 9, 2009

Is There a Good Use for Old Balloons?

Is There a Good Use for Old Balloons?

Whenever I conduct an Open House for a listing, whether the home is large or small, single family or condominium, I always bring loads of balloons to it. I love to use them to attach to signs to grab folks’ attention to come in, but I also love to have the balloons in the house. That way, it looks festive and welcoming. If families come with children, it’s a great gift for the kids, and an ice breaker for the adults, if they are uncomfortable about being approached.

However, there have recently been some open houses that have not had any children come at all. Now, I HATE to pop balloons that have not been enjoyed yet.
Anyone who knows me well, knows that I am HUGE on recycling. An unused balloon for me is the kiss of death. A couple of weeks ago, I finished an open house with 8 balloons, and no kids around. On my way to the car, I passed a father and little boy starting out on a walk. Yea! One balloon given out! But, as I picked up my signs, I was picking up more balloons! Oh, no! I would glance into each car that passed me, hoping desperately to find a child in a car seat. One or two, and I passed the balloons to them…. But, at the end of the day, I still had four balloons, and no one around.

Where could I find some little kids in a friendly environment to give these balloons away? Yureka! The Village Market! In the center of Wilton! So, I drove over, and walked in, carrying my four balloons. There! At the checkout was a family with two kids… I asked the mom if she minded me sharing these balloons with her kids – yes! -- yea! All were totally delighted! Now, perhaps I would have been a little better served if I had remembered to introduce myself, so they might have had a clue that I was a real estate agent, and they might remember me sometime in the future…….

I was just so ecstatic to be able to give those balloons another life after the open house, and watch the absolute delight on those kids’ faces……

What could be better?? Is There a Good Use for Old Balloons?

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