Monday, November 9, 2009

New Inspiration for Blogging after 7 months of Quiet

New Inspiration for Blogging after 7 months of Quiet

New Inspiration for Blogging after 7 months of Quiet

Well, this morning we boarded our flight to Bozeman, Montana to see Wendy and Dave for 8 days, and, of course, everyone was so helpful that I neglected to grab my computer or book out of my carryon bag. It ended up in an overhead three rows behind us, and had to be turned sideways to fit—so now other folk’s things were piled in front. By the time I sat down, I realized I had two and a half hours with no book or computer, and both my seat mates had great books they were already deeply immersed in.

So, as I sat and tried to read “Delta,” I began to think about the direction of all of my efforts in the real estate business, and how I had neglected all of my friends from years past. Then, through the fog, I had a brainstorm! I feel so totally out of touch, not being involved in the school system or with families anymore in my “Dagny’s Kiddie-Care” business (now that it is closed) ----- why not call 1-3 friends every week and pick their brains on all of the fun goings on around town from their perspective? The pickings could be anything from the latest great trip, to a road being paved, to next week’s Pumpkin Festival, etc. This could be local information, someone’s experience, some great tidbit, etc. This way I can still stay in touch, and yet GIVE to everyone, the way I like to, through a blog. It would be anonymous or quoted, whatever each would like. This way, we could all share….. A shop in town might like to be quoted for sure, for example. They might like to spread the word about a special item or sale, ….. It could be a great source of information for all of us in this area of Fairfield County and Wilton. If anyone had any awesome pictures, I could post them on my South Wilton localism blog along with the information/ stories …..

New Inspiration for Blogging after 7 months of Quiet

So, what do you think of my great excuse to catch up with you all, and then get a great chance to ramble, which I am so good at? Please throw your comments and ideas out there for me!

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